2016 MA Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Framework Alignment

Disciplinary Core Idea/Sub-Idea:

ESS1. Earth's Place in the Universe

ESS1.A. The Universe and its Stars


6.MS-ESS1-5 (MA).  Use graphical displays to illustrate that Earth and its solar system are one of many in the Milky Way galaxy, which is one of billions of galaxies in the universe.

Grade 6

Deeper Views

(from the Hubble Deep Field Academy)

Extension 1 Instructional Focus


The Hubble Space Telescope’s surveys of the far universe and distant galaxies help scientists answer questions about the universe’s size, shape, and age with new clarity and depth.

Extension 2 Instructional Focus


Students participate in a design team project entitled "Engineering Designs for Active Debris Removal" that is aligned with 6.MS-ETS1-6(MA).  After learning about ongoing research into several technologies, student teams research the various concepts and report to the class on their respective strengths and limitations.

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