Grade 7

Exploring the Water Cycle

2016 MA Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Framework Alignment


Disciplinary Core Idea/Sub-Idea:

ESS2. Earth's Systems

ESS2.C The Roles of Water in Earth's Surface Processes


7.MS-ESS2-4.  Develop a model to explain how the energy of the Sun and Earth’s gravity drive the cycling of water, including changes of state, as it moves through multiple pathways in Earth’s hydrosphere.

Extension 1 Instructional Focus


The Aqua satellite enables scientists to observe the global pattern of water vapor circulation and learn how it connects to the Sun, oceans, atmosphere, and life.

Extension 2 Instructional Focus


As students continue to learn about the threat orbital debris poses to spacecraft and astronauts, they participate in a spacesuit design challenge aligned with 7.MS-ETS1-2.  Working in teams to design spacesuits for their “taternauts” (astronauts in the form of a potato), students utilize a variety of materials with up to four layers of protection against impacts involving tiny pieces of space debris, and then test and evaluate their designs.

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